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a look inside

Let me introduce you to this upper west side of Chicago beautiful mother of three. Marcia left home at a young age after being responsible for her two other brothers and looked after her fathers' health and well being while he was battling his diabetes and heart issues. After always being responsible for her family at a young age, Marcia takes it upon herself to give her children everything that she didn’t have growing up with the love, attention, and recognition she wished she'd had. You can frequently find her taking her kids to all the activities they participate in, to include:basketball, tumbling, gymnastics, swimming, and after school clubs. She is there every minute, in order to be there for all her children. Nevertheless, she is always making time to be there for her husband Louis, who owns a law firm in Oakbrook. There she helps him manage his business accounts as an account executive. She always makes time to make things special for everyone , and has curated events and parties themes across the board. As a busy mother you can often forget to give yourself  the same attention, but she puts in extra effort to have fabulous birthday and holiday parties for all her loved ones making sure there are finishing touches to each.. Here she is pictured  with her young and beautiful family.. we take a look inside their two story Chicago architecturally designed classic brownstone home and photos of her loving family. The decor in Marcia's home exacerbates the style we have come up with and linked at the top and bottom are just a few ornamental items you can pick up at your nearest decor stores to spruce up any nook and cranny and corners of your home. 


Pictured (from left to right)  Louie, Jaelynn, and Domi

A styled entry way goes a long way and sets the tone for the rest of the home and allows you and your family a place to take off your shoes to keep things tidy!! Scroll below to find out more on where to get your  entryway style to look like Marcia's!

Kirkland Entry Way Bench