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Defining your WHY!

My WHY? I was listening to this podcast from Jenna Kutcher and she had her business coach on there and he was talking about defining his why. He broke down and ask people what is your why? Why is it that you do what you want to do?

So he starts by asking that and at first it may be very surface, like I want nice things etc. However, as you start to uncover the layers and keep asking why do you want a nice house, or car? You get down to digging deep.

So I started asking myself what was my why? Here is my breakdown and I encourage all of you to do the same to figure out what is really important to you. What is your purpose for doing what it is that you really want to do.

My WHY's 1. I want to make a lot of money not worry about bills, or my financial future. Also, why do we have to be afraid of saying that instead of oh I just want enough?

Why? 2. I saw in my own family what it was like growing up with my father always gone and my mother was a stay at home mom.

3. I saw how she struggled to find herself in 40's starting her own landscaping business.

4.I saw how my dad was always working doubles so that we had enough to make ends meet. He showed me how much he had in his pocket after paying all the bills what he would have to spend for the next two weeks about $300 for a family of. I saw that even with those $300 how he would do anything to make us happy and hardly ever said no. We didn't ask for much but sometimes my parents were stretched thin to make sure we could take piano lessons, or sax lessons, or do extra activities at school. I can't even imagine now how there are so many more demands from parents to even be one at this time, but I would like the choice to and not have to worry about money. 6. When my parents split up we were always worried about my mom and how she was going to make it with her job as a caretaker. Then my father passed shortly after retiring mostly due to the fact that he didn't take care of himself after spending all those years working. So I know that I do not ever want to have to rely on someone for a lifetime only to break things off and find myself in a state where I have not worked in years and having to work the rest of my life when I should be enjoying retirement. WHY? 7..Around the time my father passed I had left a very emotionally abusive relationship that does not define who I am, who I was, or who I will be, but still haunts me today. I have nightmares about it and how it would have been if it had continued. These examples just scratch the surface but define this part of my why. The very fact that I thought everything was normal when I was afraid to even a leave door closed or open in fear that he would get angry is absurd, and so disturbing to me now. I would check and double check the house before I left and was frequently late to things because I was afraid of leaving something out that might make him angry and then he would not talk to me for several days. If I was in the car and we were going to dinner there were numerous occasions when if I did say something not of anything in particular, or didn't say something, or didn't look at him a certain way, he would get raging mad hit the car violently, state that I was the reason he was the way he was and we would go drive home in an almost unsafe manner. This was such a common theme in my previous relationship and am happy to state that I am in a very healthy relationship today which is the complete and polar opposite of that.

So my definition of vision for the rest of my life will be that I move forward and never let anyone emotionally hurt me in that way ever again. If that makes me fiesty and bossy well now you know why. The rest of my WHY is that I never want to have to wonder if someone else is going to take care of me and to make more than enough to do that on my own. I want to be generous as my father was but never have to worry about my finances or my financial future. I will be creating a beta class to continue on my journey of becoming self sustaining to share some knowledge that I have that may help others. If you decide to join or know someone that could use the information then I hope you join and/ or share!

I hope this why is a real eye opener and helps you get down to your reasons WHY if you have never defined it before. It took me awhile to realize this and I am grateful for having learned today. Thank you!

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