When you walk into your home of office or if your office is at home we help curate the perfect space for your background Zoom calls, or Instagram or photodrops. At The Style Maison we can assist you with planning your interior design so that you can enjoy it most and so that everytime you walk in you feel like you can't wait to get to your space. I create accent walls for people with wallpaper, geo-walls, or shiplap, or board and batten with you in mind. We love what we do and we just want everyone to feel joy when they walk into their space. 


I'm a specialist in curating and monetizing extra space in your home. You can optimize a room that is not in use and allow it to benefit you through Airbnb. I am flexible with large or smaller budgets! I can help you choose what works industry-wide to get you results that allow for extra room for the things that matter. Making small diy changes to style your room can gather the appropriate attention for your guests and Airbnb visitors. 


At The Style Maison we take individual needs into account and I write out a detailed list of wants, needs, and negotiables before we create your new space.




We have installed numerous amounts of wallcoverings from Fabric, to grasscloth, vinyls, flock, and sticker walls. Get all the information you need before you make a decision on which wallpaper you are going with. Did you know if you need a sticker wall hung up, that you need to lay down a layer of joint compound or mud your wall if you have the slightest texture? Curious as to why? Ask us! We don't skip corners so why go with someone because they are cheap and then you need the job done again. Call us first! We will get it done right the first time. 

gisele@thestylemaison.com | Located in Austin, Texas