The Style



Whether you are looking for a change in a bedroom, waiting room, or adding some class to your space, At The Style Maison we can assist you with planning your interior design so that you and your guests can enjoy it freely. At The Style Maison we help people find the sanctuary of a place to love and can't wait to get to whether, it's at work or home!

I'm a specialist in curating and monetizing extra space in your home. You can optimize a room that is not in use and allow it to benefit you through Airbnb. I am flexible with large or smaller budgets! I can help you choose what works industry-wide to get you results that allow for extra room for the things that matter. Making small diy changes to style your room can gather the appropriate attention for your guests and Airbnb visitors. 


At The Style Maison we take individual needs into account and I write out a detailed list of wants, needs, and negotiables before we create your new space.







When you can't find what you need, or quite frankly, you have excess, we can help you open up the space by creating tidiness and organization. The best thing you can do is put one foot in front of the other, make the call to us, and let us handle the rest!  You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make him drink it, so we will also take time to sit down and counsel you so that you can make decisions on what it is you have that still brings you joy and say goodbye to the ones that don't. We are eco-friendly! Everything that you get rid of will go to someone in need. 

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